Brian Allen at Otter Creek

Golden Winged View

Plover View

Join us for three days of great birding in one of Michigan’s top locations, Leelanau Peninsula.

Leelanau BirdFest 2022 runs Thursday, June 2nd - Sunday, June 5th

Choose from 10 different field trips on both Friday and Saturday. Each field trip will produce late Neotropical migrants and popular nesting species such as warblers, tanagers, buntings, orioles and others.  Special trips to see Kirtland’s Warbler, Piping Plover, Trumpeter Swan and declining species like Bobolink and Dickcissel.

Look over the field trips listed below, then click on "Register Here" above to link to our secure registration site. Registration is $45 dollars. All field trips and events, except for the bus trips and the Saturday evening banquet, are included in the registration fee.

Festival headquarters are at Saving Birds’ Habitat Discovery Center in Omena Michigan.

2022 Leelanau BirdFest Field Trips

Orchard Oriole Arcadia Grassland Kirtland’s Warbler: Golden Winged Warbler and more Neotropical breeding species. All day bus trip. Keith Kintigh, leader. $55

Arcadia grassland and wetland: Bobolink, Dickcissel, Orchard Oriole, Trumpeter Swan. All day bus trip. Brian Allen, leader. $55

Piping Plover, Prairie Warbler and other breeding species: Dave Dister, leader. Four hours.

45 North Wine and Birds: Breeding Neotropical songbirds, late migrants & wine tasting. Three hours. Greg Butcher, leader.

Lighthouse West: Scarlett Tanager, Indigo Bunting and several warbler species. Three hours. Berkeley Gossett, leader.

Kehl Lake: Common Loon, numerous warbler and flycatcher species. Three hours. Berkeley Gossett, leader.

Native Plants Yard and Birds attracted to the yard: Three hours. Mike Berst, leader.

Otter Creek: The mix of habitats at Otter Creek offers a wide variety of nesting Neotropical species and possible late migrants. Scott Sneed, leader.

Veronica Valley: Possible Black Billed Cuckoo and other Neotropical nesting species. Greg Butcher, leader.

Suttons Bay Hotspots: Sewage treatment ponds: Late migrating waterfowl and shorebirds. Neotropical songbirds in nearby trees and shrubs. Marina wetland: Easy to see Neotropical breeding songbirds. Greg Nobles, leader.

South County Gems: DeYoung Natural Area, breeding Neotropical songbirds, Belted Kingfisher. Fulton Park, Wood Ducks, breeding Neotropical songbirds. Greg Nobles, leader.

2022 Leelanau BirdFest Activities

All of these activities take place at the SBTH Habitat Discovery Center, 5020 N. Putnam Rd. Omena.

Prairie WarblerThursday - 3PM - 8PM: Registration & Packet pick-up. Packets include directions to each starting location. 

Friday - 7PM: Presentation by Keith Kintigh: “Kirtland’s Warbler.” Registration is suggested.

Saturday - 6PM: Buffet Banquet and Brian Allen: “The Birds of Peru" plus Joe Wilson and the Hot Biscuits Band. $35.00 additional fee for buffet; Registration required.

Sunday - 9AM: Coffee and pastries & presentation with Brian Zimmerman: “Life Beneath Our Feet.” Registration is suggested.



Leelanau County Chamber of Commerce
Traverse City Chamber of Commerce
Benzie Chamber of Commerce
Manistee Area Chamber of Commerce



M-22 Inn
4290 S.W.  Bay Shore Drive
Suttons Bay, MI 49682

Korner Kottage B & B
503 N. St. Joseph Street
Suttons Bay, Mi 49682


Whaleback Inn
1757 N Manitou Trail
Leland, MI 49654

AREA LODGING-Omena/Northport:

Sunset Lodge
12819 E. Tatch Road
Omena, MI 49674

Sunrise Landing
6530 N. West Bay Shore Drive
Northport, MI 49670

Northport Inn
109 E. Nagonaba Street
Northport, MI 49670


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